Pixilation - how to fix it

Many people come across this effect at some time during the transition of old and new TV systems.

Pixelation is the distortion, the breaking up of the digital image and sound as your digital tuner tries to reproduce the show onto your TV. It makes for bad terrible TV viewing.

The most common time to experience this is with the introduction of a new digital television, or a new digital set top box. It looks like the screen is breaking up.

Are you suffering with this kind of TV image?


Box Vision will remove all pixelation from your
TV screen

Guaranteed! *

We understand every aspect of the journey from transmitter to your TV screen and can quickly identify the weak section that is causing your pixilation

 View your digital TV as it should be. We are experts in:

  • Antenna tuning
  • Antenna replacement
  • Receiver tuning (Set-top box and TV)
  • Receiver replacement (Set-top box and TV)
  • Cable repairs
  • Cable Replacement

 * Pixilation (pixelation) may also occur in conditions not related to equipment at all, for example areas in which TV signals are not transmitted. These areas are known as "black spots". In the event you live in a known black spot area, analogue TV reception may be improved through more advanced antennas and/or signal amplifiers, alternatively satellite reception may be a viable option.

Box Vision will be able to advise you based on the conditions in which you live.