Digital Upgrade

Most older television antenna systems will receive the newer Digital television signals.

However, there are a growing number that will need digital antenna upgrading to get the best performance from the new digital televisions.

Box Vision's technicians have the experience and the equipment necessary to upgrade your antenna system to the standard required for Digital Television.

Digital television provides vastly improved picture and sound quality, including widescreen pictures and digital audio, Digital television also includes radio broadcasts from the ABC and SBS.

Digital television offers the benefits of more channels and content. For example, the ABC has already introduced ABC2, ABC3 and ABC4 which are only broadcast in digital. SBS has SBS2, SBS3 and SBS4 in digital.

The Seven, Nine and Ten networks have introduced high definition digital channels. Network Ten launched a digital-only sports channel, named ONE, in March 2009. Nine Network introduced GO! a digital-only channel in August 2009. Seven Network launched free-to-air digital channel 7TWO in November 2009.

Gradually, each of the free-to-air television broadcasters will be introducing new digital channels and content.

The cut off date for analog TV on the Sunshine Coast is currently June 2013 by which time everyone will need to have purchased either a digital capable TV or a digital set top box to continue receiving free to air TV.

More information on the conversion to digital television in Australia is available on the following Government Website


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