Commercial Security

As technology improves, more sophisticated security systems are now available for our offices - including the home office environment.

Commercial Security Sunshine Coast

This provides more choice and more efficiency when it comes to fulfilling your office security needs.

As the owners of Box Vision and Security, Paula and Ben Muskens fully understand the importance of reliable office and home office security systems.

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When you install CCTV, you can access it via a laptop with an IP address. So you can view your commercial shop or office from home. Box Security, Sound and Vision have 24 hour monitoring service for both commercial and domestic premises. More on CCTV here




Panic Buttons

Panic buttons are designed to be pressed with a single finger and when done so will trigger an instant signal to a central control panel which will trigger an alarm. The configuration of a loud audible alarm or a silent alarm can be set at the central control box. These are ideal in offices, shops and stores, chemists, dental and medical surgeries, plus in the home too.

For shops and stores, the best place to locate a panic button is under a counter. In the home a panic button can be installed in a hidden cavity into a wall, or be positioned in plain sight.

A panic button can also be placed independently on the end of a cable to allow for flexibility in its location.

There are many types of panic buttons on the market. Allow Box Security, Sound and Vision to help you determine the best type of panic button for your location and purpose.